The company DAM ADVISORY, s.r.o. was established on 11/11/2022. Its ambition is to provide professional advice in the field of company management. At the same time we want to help our clients in the identification and selection of key employees. Part of the company's strategy is the systematic development of leaders, managers and specialists.

 "My goal is to make use of more than ten years of personal experience in senior management positions. I want to collaborate on projects with inspiring colleagues, who have valuable abilities and skills from various areas of expertise. We bring insight, creativity, but at the same time straightforward, pragmatic solutions that can be measured and evaluated."

Marián Hudec, founder of the company

Ing. Marián Hudec, MBA

Between 2005-2014, Marián worked in several professional and managerial positions at VÚB Bank (Human Resources Division). From 2014 he was the executive director of Medirex Servis. In 2019, he became the Holding Director in the DOXX Group.