Our know-how:

We will advise how to  run your company, from the point of view of overall management, organization building, financial management, marketing, as well as working with people.

 We will help you find key people for your business, who will be a long-term inspiration for you.

 We will ensure management development, starting with personality diagnostics, continuing with Assessment and Development Centers, and ending with the implementation of necessary changes in real life.


Peter Kaňuk
company owner, Lunys, s.r.o.

"We have been cooperating with Marián for a long time. When our company started to grow, we needed to build quality management that we can rely on 100%. It was a problem, but since Marián joined it, we manage to identify suitable people and work them into the system so that the whole company progresses."

Michel Ledroit

CEO, HERN, s.r.o.

"I have been working with Marián since June 2023, as a senior consultant he helps us with the development of middle and upper management in the company, especially in the production department. In my opinion, Marián is an authentic and pragmatic leader. He has valuable experience, that I trust. At the same time, I appreciate that he can perceive very precisely and subsequently interpret the emotions of the management team, which is a great added value for me."

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